If I was still on Twitter…

The Duchess of Narsussex

If I was still on, Twitter… my commentary about this complete, total and utter absurdity would definitely have gotten me suspended (under the current climate sugar siege of twitter).

What on earth is wrong with this woman? And, she wonders why she gets BRUTALLY criticized by people.

She deserves it, too.

If she wants to go on this and the rest of her crusades, then great… more power to her. But, to be calling US Senators throwing a British Title around is beyond.

  1. What’s wrong with just being Meghan Markle? Meghan Markle, the American, fellow citizen of the people you are calling?
  2. To your fellow Americans, you ARE Meghan Markle. Nothing more, nothing less. You just happened to marry, Prince Harry. Big F deal.
  3. You’re not “royalty”. You’re an American. And, what is wrong with that? People risk their lives everyday trying to come into this country.
  4. There is a…

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